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Elementalist Signet of Restoration Exploit w/ Mount Hotkey


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Came upon this on accident when I was spamming my mount key once I got out of combat but suddenly I was getting healed.

I tried on 2 Crystal Desert and Elon Riverlands, with both weaver and tempest specializations the exploit was completed regardless of these things.

If you have mounts bound to a hotkey (Mine are Ctrl+1...Ctrl+4) and you're in combat with Signet of Restoration healing skill equipped with NO target selected, you can spam your mount hotkeys to rapid heal yourself. It seems every time you try to mount up in combat it considers it a skill use (but not X, only if you rebound each separate mount to a separate key).Very easy to exploit, just deselect a target, hold down Ctrl, and mash 1-4 to cast as many "spells" possible until you're healed fully.

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