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LFG Borlis Pass, Casual+ PvE/X


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Looking for a guild on Borlis Pass for myself and one more. Both currently casual players that have stuck to PvE content, though open to trying other aspects of gameplay. Activity level may change. Time zone is US Central (UTC -06:00), though I work at nights and won't ever be available in the mornings (them's sleeping times for me) and could be on late when not at work. Please no requirement of Discord/other VOIP services. I understand the high utility of voice chat, but I'd rather not if it's required.

Prefer an active, chatty guild. Specific resources/services not terribly important. Honestly, I don't even know what a guild can offer in this game, other than an organized group of people. I would hazard to say that the more benefits the better, in general, though I don't have huge expectations. Some friendly people to talk to and do things alongside would be a nice start.

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