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Fastest way to get Mystic Tribute?


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The fastest way is to farm the gold and buy them. There is no reliable farming spot for all of them, although certain maps will give them as rewards for events to help suppliment your gains

Karka are a decent source of blood tho and ember bay is good for claws or fangs as destroyers drop them a lot. They are a bit random tho

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@"Voltekka.2375" said:Do NOT get mystic tribute for frostfang and ad Infinitum. Those require a gift of fortune. If memory serves.


Please do basic research on the gifts required as to save yourself a ton of wasted gold and hassle.

It evens states this in the wiki for the gift:

Mystic Tribute is a gift used to craft second generation legendary weapons. First generation legendaries require a Gift of Fortune instead.

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