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So I've had this game for like 6 years but barely played it and due to BDO just annoying me atm, I'm thinking of coming back but i don't really know what I'm doing, was hoping someone could point me in the right direction, or has a guild i could join to help me along my way, I have all DLC if that helps.

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If you've barely played the game before, try playing the story with a new character to get a feel of the game mechanics, as well as to figure out what content you prefer in-game. There's many modes of gameplay - PvE, PvP, WvW.

PvE is by far the broadest, where it can be split into story, exploration, or higher tier content (fractals, dungeons, raids). If you enjoy the story, there's a giant heap of content spanning the personal story, and then the living world seasons and expansions. If you don't like the story too much, the core maps still have a heap of events and exploration things to do. It's literally "wander until you find what you like".Higher tier content like fractals (shorter dungeons) and raids are best enjoyed at level 80, because you need a thorough understanding of the game's mechanics in order to enjoy them.

If you prefer PvP, just hop into the PvP lobby. You are automatically scaled to max level, and can change your build as you want to suit your gameplay better. Since you say you have all DLC, you should have access to the specialisations from both expansions as well.

WvW is a bit like large scale PvP, except you are teamed up with everyone in your world, to fight against opponent players from other worlds.

GW2 is literally a "play whatever the heck you want" game, so it's a matter of trial and error finding out what you enjoy.

If you're looking for a guild to run with, try the Looking for Guild subforum, and make sure to state your region (NA or EU) if making a new post. This will help you find people to play with a lot faster :)If you're on EU, my guild Crimson Blooded Defenders welcomes all players, regardless of experience level :)

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