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Deadeye rifle shots obstructed


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  1. Happens often: you use various rifle skills on a target and it says "obstructed" every time, even though there are no obstacles on the way. For example, it says obstructed, I switch to short bow and the bow's attacks hit without obstructions. Workaround: move around (on a flat surface!) to try to find a spot where it doesn't say obstructed.
  2. Happens rarely: shots don't register at all. I.e. there's a target in front of you, it's selected, you're doing three round burst and there's no damage text, no "obstructed" or anything even though visually the bullets hit the target.

The obstructed thing happens only with the deadeye rifle skills from my experience, not any other ranged weapons.

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I get some similar misbehaviour on a couple of the Dragonhunter Longbow skills. (Yeah, I know, DH LB sucks. Sue me for preferring the notional signature weapon that I worked hard to get an ascended one of.)

  • Skill 1 usually hits except when it's obstructed by an invisible pixel in front of the target. (This was seriously annoying yesterday when I was trying to kill White Mantle mines in Lake Doric. I couldn't hit them except sometimes. Plonking the fiery thing from skill 4 so that it included the mine would work.)
  • Skill 2 sometimes just plain won't hit things at all for no discernible reason. There's a projectile trail, but no "Obstructed", no "Out of range", and no damage either, but skill 1 will hit the target, or not, depending on whether that pixel's in the way.
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