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Condi Support Renegade Build


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This build focuses on condi damage first and the rest with support:


This build has 100% torment duration. The damage skills are the mace 1, 3, axe 4, 5, and offhand sword 4, 5. Offhand sword 4 provides torment from the number of hits, high crit rate, and Rampant Vex. Offhand sword 5 has a quick chill and torment from Abyssal Chill. The legends are Mallyx and Ventari. Mallyx for crazy damage on Unyielding Anguish. The corruption trait can also be changed to 2-2-2 for more torment damage, but less poison and utility.

With conc sigil, this build should have 55% boon duration with a bit of Healing Power. It would be easy to keep up 25 might and very high alacrity uptime with Orders from Above and Natural Harmony.

The playstyle would be UA, use all weapon skills except 2, start Orders from Above, change legend and weapon swap in that order but at the same time to activate both on swap sigils, then use all weapon skills off cd except 2, while buffing and healing with ventari and heroic command. Afterwards weapon swap/legend change back off cd.

I mostly wanted to make this build because of how clunky the shortbow and citadel bombardment feels. Without those, most of the damage comes from torment. This build also has higher precision and condi damage than the regular viper's build, in exchange for power. But it is also pretty expensive and takes a lot of work to build. What do you guys think, should I go for it? Would it be viable to be run in fractals?

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