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Thank You Anet for my Battle Mage, But...


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Thanks for the Battle Mage you delivered with PoF, it really is a great class. You put a lot of thought into it and delivered perfectly on some of the mechanics such as being able to set up fields and self finisher it. Things like this really increases the skill floor and the pay off is beautiful but I have a BUTT, a pretty big BUTT too.

The range on Sword is slightly too low. Now I'm not asking for a wopping boost to 900, but can you guys double the range on sword please. It will still be below 300 range, still considered a melee battle mage sort of thing.

I am just finding it hard to hit a moving target in PvP on my Australian Internet. Really hard actually. Even with the Air / Earth teleport followed up with the 3 skill to lift them will pretty much miss due to my Australian Internet.

Please consider this proposal. Thankyou.

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