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[Suggestion] Keychain


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A keychain for zones that require keys would be quite useful and free up inventory space. There are very few keys in game today that you have to interact with the key to do something so this would work well in a wallet type function where once you acquire them they are added to your account inventory. If it required less rework then please add these to the wallet instead. Thank you for your time.

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A new Keys category has been added to the wallet, and it contains a currency version of several existing items. These items can be consumed to convert them into the new currencies. Content that once required these items to be in a player's inventory will now check for the currency instead. This change affects the following items:

Zephyrite LockpicksBandit Skeleton KeysPact CrowbarsExalted KeysVials of Chak AcidMachetesTrader's Keys

  • Thank you!!!!
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