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help me choose, tempest or mirage

bara yaoi.3824

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please help :(

i've played both and right now i am playing tempest

with tempest i love the great amount of damage dealt with scepter/warhorn and also can keep up 25 might for myself and some of my allies and whenever i need it, water heals me completely even without healing gear. i personally love warhorn as a weapon, verderarch is one of my favorite legendaries. also, i dont need to strictly be DPS and tempest allows me to do great damage while still have some supporting aspects. however the rotation for tempest is tricky since i need to start at air press 5, do air overlord and lightning storm glyph, switch to fire and press 2, 3, 5, use fire greatsword and 5, back to air, press 5, overload lightning hammer 4 rinse and repeat. also i think i will get kicked out of groups a lot for playing tempest. but compared to weaver and mirage the damage might be a little lower but tempest is a candidate for buffs in the future

with mirage the damage is insane like melting everything with super powerful condition ticks. there is also a lot of evades and condition clenses so dieing is a rarity. mirage rotation is also way easier than tempest, wait for axe 3 to completely finish and evade/weapon swap/grab mirrors as needed for the ambush skill, not a lot of thinking involved. so compared to tempest it is way easier and has way more damage. but it has pretty much like no support at all, so i would be stricly DPS. it is also slightly tankier than tempest since it has more hp. also there are more playstyles to mirage, like axe/torch or axe/pistol, scepter/pistol or scepter/torch, etc.. though the only weapon i really like out of the bunch is scepter and since you can now achieve like 50k confusion ticks with scepter i might switch to mirage again. however mirage might not reign on top for long because mesmer is overpowered and it might be nerfed in the future, or it will just continue to be on top like mesmer usually has.

help me decide

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Since you mentioned rotations I'm assuming you play them in raids/fractals mostly. Take mirage on cairn, matt, sh and tempest anywhere else (weaver will be much better choice for small hitboxes though). Mirage favors long fights with no phases, while ele performs a lot better in short fights due to huge burst potential.

You don't need to chose which class to play all the time, just play them where they perform better than the other one.

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