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Remove elites specs please


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@Loosmaster.8263 said:

@Vieteriukko.6075 said:Lol. A f2p account wants to be more competitive by removing features paying costomers have purchased. GG business.

F2P can't post on the forum.

LOL...instead a payed for account is turned into a F2P account because a F2P account has all the access the paid for one does and expects to not be a F2P account! How ridiculous!

Stupid guy for buying and supporting company originally!

Only Buy expansions years later...Nobody should by original game! Wait for it to be hugely successful by everyone not buying it early! You expect a company to thank its long time supporters?!? How silly. Shut up and buy the expansion just so you can stay relevant!

Man I totally owned you guys there and I know it!

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