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[Suggestion] Halloween: Black Citadel underground


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Never tried breaking out of city maps with mounts before. Discovered old Ascalonian ruins and tunnels below the Black Citadel. <3 There is a gate leading into the lit up ruins, which sport a dungeon entrance and a treasure hunter camp.

Unfortunately, the way further down is blocked by some magical field as seen in this screenshot (sniff), but I could definitely spot a path into the dungeon. How about doing something for Halloween with this area? :) A scary quest that will let us venture deep down?


As you can see, my dog got curious and risked a peek. ;)

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I was really surprised when I found this area was accessible outside of the Halloween event.

The map itself isn't very big, but I thought the story it was involved in was interesting - we got a lot of new information on Mad King Thorn, his family and his reign (as well as the introduction of Emo Eddie). I hope they bring it back eventually, like they did with the Mad Memoires scavenger hunt.

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