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[NA][PVX] Cryptic Syndicate [CrSy] Looking for new friends, friendly raiders and helping hands


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Hello guys!!

A bit of story: I joined CrSy in 2015, with the owner recruiting on Lions Arch map chat. Had the greatest time of my mmo life and excelent memories having fun with guildies.Over time, the officers began to quit the game one by one (or left the guild due to innactivity in it) and a few months back, I inherited it's leadership....being the one not wanting to see it die completely, since it's a place I really treasure and what keeps me on GW2.

We have a pretty decorated maxed (lvl 69) Guild Hall in Windswept Haven, with a jumping puzzle worth your tears and laughs.

With the current active players (around 6~8 by the time I write this post), we do Daily Fractals (helping progress those interested gearwise and mechanics), have some active raiders (random raids on week days - guild chat and discord tagging/callings; Saturday 10am and 7pm EST raid trainings), pvp and wvw folks.Our players are from all over the world...from Taiwan to Germany, Brazil, Peru, Chile and USA.

So, I'd like to invited you to our little family.Come share some laughs, have nice conversations, learn the game, polish your skills or a place to share your pro knowledge.

Since we're adults with a real life and jobs, we're also recruiting friendly players to help us recruit and take care of the guild.

Feel free to message me ingame or discord.GW2: Sonis.6018Discord: Sonis#1540

halp....I'm lonely lmao

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Hello guys. Thanks for the reply. Sent an invitation to you both.

Still slowly recruiting, guys. I'm only recruiting here through this post at the moment, experimenting to see how the bonding with new people will progress.If you are one of those that spend some hours on new maps, helping players...you are welcome to give us a hand too haha.

Currently with daily fractals, weekend raid trainings (or random kills during the week) and normal events, farming and daily goals.\o

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Hello folks!!Still recruiting new and veterans players.

Our raid trainer is lonely without some new faces around. If you are new (or not experienced) and willing to learn raids, feel free to join us.

Other than that, we continue doing wing 1 to 4 clears on week days (the more experienced) while trying to improve always. As well as daily t4/recs fractals.

As for me, I'm trying to get into WvW, learn spvp a bit.Lately I'm trying to see if I can get engi to be my main and having fun with him....a new try to get a main hahaWant to do story from beggining to end with him (core, HoT and PoF), map completion and events overall.

Send me a message and try us out a few weeks, no rep required. Maybe we discover new friendships while having fun.

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Hello people!Still recruiting.Currently we are aiming to set a static raid core in motion....but we need more people interested in 'keep going' and be on the same page regarding the learning progress.

We do raid trainings 10am and 7pm EST, help people with fractal progression and other stuff that come up and we see if there's a way to play together.

The guild is still small and working on rebuilding. If you are interested in progressing step by step with us and learn things over time (I'm a casual player myself....not a pro 'know it all'), feel free to send me a message and try us out a few weeks and see how it works for you.

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Hey there, friends.

We are still recruiting new and veteran players to join us in the fun.

But there is 2 topics I must talk about, or something like that.

1- From the moment I created this post here, we had lots of people interested. And the thing is...95% join, say a 'thank you' at joining, to never talk anymore or join any activity (dungeons story modes or paths, raid trainings, fractals any tier, personal story or even a guild hall tour). And leave the guild silently after a few days.

The problem is not people leaving, of cooourse!! haha.But it leaves me wondering what might be the reason they left, and if it's something I can do to improve....is the guild boring? Is the content too hard and they don't feel prepared or scared to give it a try? The timezone?

2- If you are a new player or haven't experienced some content we invite, don't feel shy or scared. We want to teach and get you prepared to play alongside with us.Last night we had a guild taking some time to decide to join a dungeon....she was worried about rotations, survivability and her dps hahahaha, don't let raid environment scare you to play other pve modes.

That is it for now lmao

Its a lot to read, but I think it's honest of me to let you know.

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Hello everyone, I hope you had some nice holidays.

Still recruiting.The plan is still the same:

  • we need more people on saturday raid trainings (10am EST and 7pm EST). Since real life happens, we always need to pug to fill the training squad.

  • My nerdy dream with the guild is: have a few nice and friendly players around, play events for fun or when people need, progress in fractals and raids and take higher challenges as a group...and just...play the game and have fun in general. We have from total noobs, to casuals and knowledgeable players in GW2 game modes.

I don't plan in making this a big guild. We have a lot of those around already, that do an awesome job.

So I'm grinding recruitments haahahhaahah. Since bonding takes time...some join and leave after a few days, some stay silent forever and never leave, some join things here and there, and some open up to build up a new friendship.

Feel free to send me a message/mail ingame or in discord.

And have an awesome 2019 \o/

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