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Fungus Among Us frustration


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Yes, I checked each time Mega was defeated and double checked before posting. I spam clicked all around after not getting it the first time.

Edit: I am now thoroughly frustrated with the last three proximity tests. I left Megadestroyer to work on the other two while waiting for suggestions on this post.
Goemm's Lab - :s Probably only ever completed this one in the past thanks to kindly portalers. THANK YOU! Not sure if that would work for this test.
Fungus Among Us - :s :s :s I have happily avoided this adventure until now. I am slow and clumsy, and now have gaming hand from trying it so many times in a row. I managed to get the bronze chest at one point in there with my best time being 1:45 and I need 1:40 for the silver. Five seconds doesn't seem like much but even when I'm making good time, I manage to fall off, get stuck or just can't hit Cap Launch quickly enough.
I don't know that my keyboard is set up the best way, but it's worked for me so far. I use both the mouse (for quick direction turns and skills), and arrow keys for movement and direction. I sometimes try to use the number keys for skills instead of the mouse but it seems to slow me down even further.
I really don't want to give up so close to the end of HOPE III and have yet another incomplete achievement because of something that is so difficult for me to do. Not to mention the time it took for me to get to this point. I don't mind a challenge and I usually am pretty determined with most things I attempt in the game but right now I feel discouraged and disheartened.
Not sure what I expect here. Wise words of encouragement? Similar stories that turned out successfully? Tips? Any would be welcomed. Or maybe I just needed to vent.

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Omg I finally got my Chest of Anomaly!! :3 Now I never have to do it again!If it is at all helpful to anyone struggling with this adventure, I would like to share that a combination of YouTube videos by The Buufu and AyinMaiden were extremely helpful. Also, a bit of determination helps. :)

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