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Birthday Blaster cannot be equipped in Heart of the Mists


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3:05 AM PSTHeart of the Mists (PvP Lobby)Searing Purge, level 80, Charr, Elementalist (Weaver in PvP Lobby)Could not be equipped within a group or without

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Put Birthday Blaster in inventory.
  2. Travel to the Heart of the Mists.
  3. Try to equip the Birthday Blaster.

Destroying the old one, getting another one, and going to the Heart of the Mists again also does not fix the bug.

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@Arnox.5128 said:

@Arnox.5128 said:But they removed the Cakes you could pick up though, so the gun no longer provides any buffs.

The gun still shoots cakes that land on the ground, and the cakes still provide the food buffs.

Well, unless the cakes are invisible, I'm not seeing them.

I want cake now...

I just tried it out, and I definitely saw the cakes land on the ground. Keep in mind that it's only the skill 2 that shoots the cakes that land on the ground and that the cakes can be obstructed by objects in their way.

I also want cake now . . .

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