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Koutalophile Spoons


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Hi, I almost have all the spoons except: imperial chef yileng's spoon, carved bone spoon, fractal spoon and siege commander's spoon, I'm now trying to get the last one in wvw and they're dropping it:Drops fromChampion Tower LordVeteran Grawl Shaman (Stonegaze Spire, Edge of the Mists)Veteran Guard (Sentry)Veteran ArcherWorkerVeteran Spirit of KodaQuartermaster

Now I've been playing wvw for 3 days and still didn't got the spoon, koutalophile is on my watch list, do you guys know what I'm doing wrong or do I have to be more patienced?

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The spoon is a random drop, and not like most other collections where the "random" drop has an abnormally high drop rate.

If anything, I would highly recommend not going to Edge of the Mist, and try to get into a Zerg on the borderland or Eternal Battleground maps. It kind of depends on which server you're on, but if the population is high enough, the zerg commanders will assault structures for the PPT game; and its tower/keep lords that are thought to have the highest drop rate of spoons. Anecdotal evidence suggests camps are 1/5th the drop rate, and thus tedious if specifically targeting the spoon.

But like I said.... it kind of depends on which server you're a part of, since those match ups determine how easy it is to get things done. If your server is not willing to fight, you're gonna have a crappy time. Edge of the Mist was designed as an overflow lobby for the main maps. But many PvE players started Karma train-ing it for Gift of Battle and WvW currencies. Now that PvE players refuse to even put that much effort into it, Edge seriously fell off in population.

I would recommend playing on Reset night (UTC 0, Every Friday), since thats when WvW's population is at its highest for the week. If your server has any intent in playing, it going to be within the first 6 hours of Reset to check the match up. Commanders will be active, maps queued up in higher tiers, and everyone trying to get their Skirmish rewards capped for the week. Depending on how that first fight goes, that will set the tone for the rest of the week. If one side dominates, the commanders will usually give up for the weekend, and wait for the work week since the bandwagon would clear up by then. If they still get their butts whooped through out the week, they might just throw the match and hope the next one does better.

Granted this sucks if you're only in it for PvE Reward reasons; but putting in the effort to find a half way decent WvW guild and server to play on makes EVERYTHING easier across the board. WvW has a LOT of rewards that can carry over to PvE, and all it really takes is not having an irrational fear of PvP type fights and dying. The only down shot is that a lot of "hardcore" WvW guilds are prone to server stacking; so its been throwing off the match balance every 2 months when relinks happen. If you want to move, and don't mind spending a hand full of gems, transferring to a Link server connected to a good Tier 1 or Tier 2 Host server is the best way to see what the game is like when theres enough population to have a good fight. But before making any decisions, hop into WvW after reset tonight and see how your server looks. Looking at the current match up, odds are you won't have to move unless you're up against one of the Dark Trinity (aka the overstacked servers).

Borlis Pass, Eredon Terrace or Sorrow's Furnace are cheap picks for the next 6 weeks (before the next relink), and are linked to the Tier 1 match up. Theres decent OCX time zone activity in those servers, so its possible to find either Commanders or at least small groups capping stuff, at nearly all hours of the day.

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