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Let's give ANET some positive feedback on what we'd like to see as rewards for next season


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@FyzE.3472 said:

@"SnapzGW.3795" said:"feedback" hahahahaha. Like they will listen to us...

Yeah, except for the dozens of times where they did

Months/years later? Sure! That was awesome :)

Edit: On topic. I would be glad to have PvP specific stuff, like the eagles mentioned.

"it's not as fast as I want it to be it doesn't exist"

k then

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If i gave my 2 cents, i would do all the following rework :

Titles :

  • only PvP titles are available to display in Heart of the mists. This simple fix may give more importance to actual titles existing
  • add new titles according to the number of ranked games won/number of tournaments games won/ number of tournaments won. This will be a good push up for veterans and eventully add activity for people close to a new tier

Rewards :

  • Keep actual rewards with pips. That has pros and cons, but i believe it is fair for everyone
  • Changing rewards for end of season according to the following : 1 gets 200 gold + 3 specific skin ( mini/outfit/black lion weapon), 2-5 get 150 gold + 2 skin, 6-49 get 80 gold + 1 skin, 50-250 get 50 gold + 1 skin. Rest of platinum division earns 20 gold. Gold division earns 10 gold. Silvers earn 5 gold. These are obviously pure examples, but if titles were to be removed, i think these are the kind of rewards people do want.

Tournaments :

  • Indicate the name of players who participated and their class played at the end of the tournament ( and eventually the average rating ). With that, it could help people to know what are the best setups, eventually contact players to ask for advices. Knowing rating also will help to know who you did lost to and make yourself adapt for further times.
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I haven't played sPvP for a couple seasons and I don't intend on coming back, but I never played for rewards. I don't play much PvE and I have most of the gear I want/need for WvW as well as most of the skins I like, so there's not too much incentive for me at this point. I like the fun of the game itself, I just don't really enjoy Conquest. More rewards wouldn't really make me come back, but a new game mode or better balance might.

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@Kraljevo.2801 said:Make pvp fun again so ppl play for the joy of gaming and not for kitten rewards.

I agree, but sadly it's just so unbalanced, it's not going to be fixed any time soon. There needs to be entire reworks of some professions to make PvP even close to having some semblance of balance, and they're simply not doing to invest the time in that, especially with the relatively small population that plays. Focus on PvE where the majority of the player-base is, it makes sense.

We just have to try and enjoy it for what it is.

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