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Rich Orichalcum Node Locations

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Thought I would share the location of the permanent nodes, they are on the wiki, but the pictures make it easier :)

Amnoon Waypoint — [&BLsKAAA=]gPg9ivT.jpg

Temple of Kormir Waypoint — [&BEAKAAA=]Springer can be used to jump to the top of the mountain where the node is. Jump on a building to jump on the cloth up top.wKLjgX5.jpg

Destiny's Gorge Waypoint — [&BJMKAAA=]Up the ramp next to the WP, to get to the upper level.vG96UeD.jpg

Brightwater Waypoint — [&BJEKAAA=]There are two nodes here, use nearby sand portal, and then use springer to get to first node, fly down with Griffon for 2nd nodeILQT0ez.jpg

Bonestrand Waypoint — [&BNwKAAA=]There is a snad portal you need to jump through by the waterfall to get to the hidden chamber with the nodeAln87L2.jpg

Sand Jackal Run Waypoint — [&BHcKAAA=]Gr1q3kR.jpg

Lair of the Forgotten Waypoint — [&BMEKAAA=]k1x1AD8.jpg

Necropolis Waypoint — [&BEoKAAA=]Right at the bottom of the cryptsdVtu1AJ.jpg

This one is easiest to reach using Spearmarshal's Plea to teleport nearby, but you can also travel from Market Ruins Waypoint — [&BHQKAAA=]FuOJUlB.jpg

Augury's Shadow Waypoint — [&BFMKAAA=]I skip this onw because it is only available when The Path to Ascension meta event is done after Defeat Branded Josso Essher in the Ascension Chamber.gAANTds.jpg

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Just wanted to necro this thread to say a giant thank you, @Omnicron.2467! I'm finally getting around to finishing Astralaria, and the rng element of getting meteorite ores from orichalcum nodes was killing me. The rng felt very uncharacteristic of GW2 - I wasn't expecting a meteorite ore proc from every strike, but I regularly hit 4-5 regular nodes in a row with no procs. Knowing where a bunch of rich nodes are saved the day - thanks again!

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