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What am I supposed to do out there?


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So after more thought, I realize that I simply being impatient. Its only been 4 days. I havent even been able to log on yet today. So maybe Ive put in 10-12 hours so far in PoF.

Its not fair to the hard working people at ArenaNet to draw conclusions about this xpac so soon.

There are bound to be countless updates in the very near future. The first update to HoT was one month after launch. There were about 18 major updates over the span of 2 years, which is almost every month!

So with that kind of track record, I look forward to playing more GW2 PoF, and I cant wait to see what happens this halloween.

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@setdog.1592 said:I love the xpac. Beautiful.

But what am I suppossed to be doing out there in the new zones? Is there a purpose, or just explore and gather materials?

I recommend, in this order:

-Get all 4 mounts.-Get t3 abilities for all of them.-Finish story.-Get Griffin-Max Griffin abilities.-Get t4 abilities on the rest of your mounts.

  • At some point in this process, get 250 Hero points and evaluate whether you want to respec to one of the new elite skills, get one of the new stat combos for your equipment, etc.
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