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[EU][PvX] Order of the White Lotus[OWL] Casual fledgling guild


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Hello everyone,

About myself:

I am Bluedemonfox and I am from Malta (age 25) and don't have any close friends that play GW2 so my hope with this guild is to make new friends I can play with online and were everyone can feel like family so everyone is invited to join. Preferably people wanting to join will be 17 +. This is my first try at making a new guild but I always wanted to make one and experience what it is like to start a society from scratch. At present I am trying to find people who might be willing to help make the guild grow rather than regular members but if anyone just wants to chill they are still welcome to msg me.

I have been playing since launch of GW2 but I did have couple years and some months here and there where I stopped playing but I still consider myself an experienced player and can help a lot of people out.

Guild name origins:

The guild is called Order of the White Lotus which I adopted from the Avatar cartoon series (which I love btw) which in turn was adapted from an actual secret society in china.

Guild Server and timezone:

Desolation server and being from Malta (Western Europe) time zone is UTC+1 Regular daily online time is usually around 20:00 onwards or 13:00-14:50 due to work but can vary greatly depending on certain days such as weekends where there is much bigger window.

Guild Purpose:

I like to keep things casual so I want my guild to be able to do a bit of everything but that doesn't mean I don't want to take content seriously. Since I am only just starting this guild there are no rules or conditions and they will come up as the guild grows. For now I require nothing but your presence and companionship and you can decide yourself if you want to help out more.

I love lore, and I encourage lore discussions, so I'd like the guilds focus to be mostly on PvE but if there are people interested in PvP or other stuff I will still support it. I love the occasional pvp after all and I think it helps things in guild interesting to do different stuff.

With regards to voice chat and communication I will be using discord. If anyone is interested in joining me please message me in game preferably by mail since I have better chance of noticing or you can also PM here on reddit. My ingame name is Bluedemonfox (Bluedemonfox.4326) Try writing first letter as capital if its not working.

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For now representation isn't quite a priority however it is important to still communicate with guild members since that is pretty much the whole point of a guild. Ofc since its still a very small guild I am not gonna deny anyone from representing other guild to do raids or other content we might not be able to do right now. So far it's only 3 people + 1 from whom I am still waiting confirmation. The important part is playing/socializing together such as helping each other gear up or do content and help upgrade the guild. You aren't required to contribute materials for the guild. Depending how the guild grows requirements might change as needed. within reason.

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