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Prefered mesmer spec


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I prefer core Mesmer.

Part of the reason is style. The other part is that I feel Alacrity should never have been given to other classes. It was the basis of the Chronomancer specialization. So, I feel that Chronomancer isn't a full specialization. Also, the way that the very heavy nerfs were handled left a bad taste in my mouth.

I'm finding Mirage rather awkward for my taste. A light armored brawler requires reflexes I don't possess.

Unfortunately, core Mesmer doesn't have anything like the hitting power of Mirage or staying power of Chronomancer.

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I kind of like everything about mesmer, chronomancer, and mirage.

Mesmer taught me how much I love illusionists as a fantasy archetype. Normally I always play Sword and Board style warriors. No magic. Just an everyman in armor and a few weapons trying to make it in a world of magic, monsters, and worse. If it wasn't warriors, it was thief archetypes to cater to my general open world PvP sadism. But I've come to completely identify with Mesmers and illusionists. I love the playstyle, tricking my enemy with clones, having tons of interrupts and stealth. If I ever play Pathfinder or D&D you better believe I'm going all in on an illusion magic character. I find myself continually disappointed in RPGs that don't cater to this archetype now.

Chronomancer brought what I loved about the gameplay of warriors to Mesmer. A PvE tank, with considerable defensive abilities. Also a valuable asset in hard carrying the team to victory with it's unique buff coverage boosting team damage far more than just running another DPS character.

Mirage felt like mesmer+, but did cater to my affection for cruelly ganking others beyond what core mesmer felt capable of, especially in WvW. Plus the godly levels of confusion Mirage is able to dump on players is the coolest thing to kill other players with. Just let them do all the work.

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Core Mesmer or Chronomancer; my mes is currently a DPS Chronomancer geared toward PVE open world and 5-person content.

I tried Mirage and couldn't stand not being able to dodge roll. A Staff/Staff Mirage build for PVE is still intriguing to me, but not enough to overcome my dislike of the Distortion mechanic.

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