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[Game breaking] Story "Stop Joko's other loyalists": loyalists not spawning

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Said "Guns, Germs, and Steal" story step is broken. (It worked fine a couple of days ago on one of my other characters.)

Read the letter at Sabil's, went to the marked location: no loyalists.

´Edit: Tried to fix the bug by restarting the episode. It would let me repeat a few story steps up until the buggy part, but the loyalists simply refuse to spawn.

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Because it seems like there's no current status of this bug listed I thought I'd mention that it is August 2022 and the bug is still present.


I've been sitting at the spot for hours two days running killing Joko Loyalists, as well as killing loyalists who are trying to steal supplies in one of the events which happens on occasion near this spot.  But apparently they are not the correct loyalists because non of them give me credit toward the quest.


Considering the game just came out on Steam I almost hope all the Steam folks who joined and got the expansions review bomb the game over this 5 year old, critical storyline progression breaking bug.  Maybe that will get the attention of A-Net.

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