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A Sylvari Story (Video series)


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Hey everyone,

-- Please note this will probably be a long post --

Firstly I just want to start off by being completely clear, I am posting a link to a video series (playlist) that I've recently just finished, I double checked the forum rules and I couldn't see anything saying I'm not allowed to advertise my own content, however, if I'm breaking any rule then I completely understand and I am very sorry! Also, a lot of this post is actually asking for advice, but because it's showing off my videos, I thought it'd be best to post here, instead of the advice section of the forum!My name is Matt/DonHoliday and today I uploaded the last episode of my series (The first series I've ever actually finished in my 6+ years on YouTube) "A Sylvari Story", where I was showing off the personal story from level 1-80 for a Sylvari character ...(You can watch it here if you'd like to :)

  • Each video is between 5-10 minutes long, one of them is a little longer! There are 11 chapters and one quick explanation video at the start! The videos do get better as they go on, so if the first few aren't to your liking, the last few might be!)... now that the story is over it's time to enter endgame which is where I wanted some advice!

I now have 4 characters at level 80, one of them was levelled several years ago which is when I last properly played. They haven't finished the story, but are in full Exotic gear and have ran a couple of fractals, which I really remember struggling with, and that's honestly the furthest I've ever gotten with GW2. Another character was levelled up in this play through and two of the characters were levelled using my free Level 80 advancement items from the expantions! On the topic of HoT and PoF, I've never touched either one of them, I was so excited to try Revenant that I never got to try the new area out ... and I gave up leveling the Revenant at about 30 or so. But the reason I bought both expansions without even thinking about it is because I've been playing the Guild Wars games since the release of Nightfall, which was so good I picked up the collectors pack and played through them all!

Moving on, I'm now at endgame, and I'm a bit clueless. I've done a couple of fractals but I remember them being extremely hard, I know there's raiding, but I've never seen it and there's still the HoT and PoF expansions to do! The first thing I'll probably do is grab myself the Raptor Mount, it's been somewhat annoying seeing everyone zooming past me haha! Then I suppose I should work on Exotic gear ... Then learn fractals and hope for ascended drops? I'm still not 100% on the best way of getting ascended gear (doesn't help I've never got that far) and for me personally, I would love to start working through some of the achievements! I would love to eventually (and I do understand it will be eventually) own full Legendary gear -- Armor included --! I'll wrap this post up here by asking for some opinions, should I look for a guild to help me out and for anyone who watches the series do you think it's a good idea to farm the exotic ---> ascended gear on the Sylvari I used in the story, or is it a good idea to use one of my already "geared" characters instead? (Oh and finally, I'm a little bored of dual pistol thief since I basically pressed 3 through the whole game, what's a fun weaponset for thief?)

Thank you everyone, really appreciate any and all feedback :)


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