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This changes would made warrior good balanced in sPvP


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Berserker Warrior

  • Eternal Champion (Gain Stability on an interval while Berserker mode[1 Stability for one second]. Gain might when you break out of stun[3 might for 11,5 seconds )

SpellbrakerSun and Moon Style (Gain Bonuses for each dagger you equip: Main hand- Interrupt gain quickness [ 3 seconds quickness]/ Main hand- CC skills [3 might for 10 seconds] )Mage bane tether (Tether yourself to your target. If they move beyond the range threshold, pull them to you. Reveales your target every second. (10% damage increase to tether targed)[Hiting with a "burst" skill casts mage bane tether on your targed if they are within range].

Defence*Lesser balance stance (60 seconds cooldown)

Strength*Brave Stride (Your first strike when interning combat grants stability [2 stability for 4 seconds]

SkillsRampagne (120 seconds cooldown)"Fear me" (60 seconds cooldown) [2 Monition (10 seconds cooldown)]*"On my Mark" (made enemy in range vulnerable) [Range 800]

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who cares about brave stride? this trait is garbage and your change doesnt make it better in any waythe fact that it will only activate once, no matter how long the fight goes on is what kills it

berserker would need alot more to be ever used again in any pvp modeit just feels not rewarding enough to enter berserker mode

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