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[VP] (Venator Phalanx) looking 4 dedicated WvW’ers. Ebay 4 now. Raid Sat9pEST/Mon8pEST/Wed 9pEST.


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[VP] is an established WvW guild looking for more fight-oriented players. We use specific builds and specific classes for the composition of parties. Ideally will have a 20-man comp each rally. All Light and Heavy classes in particularly encouraged. A ton of WvW experience is not required. Newer players are fine. However the drive to succeed, improve and the values associated with teamwork are essential. We use both discord and team-speak for our comms during raids. Comms are essential for what we do. Although you don't have to talk, (at the very least listen to call outs) a dialogue back and forth is ideal. We are a great bunch of folks, serious when we need to be, super laid back and fun when we don't. feel free to hit me up in game or mail at pricefrankd.1245 (Glatt) or our co-leader, Vasher at noyalty.7849 See ya on the field! CHEERS!

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