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[VIDEOS] Nephistos - Spellbreaker WvW


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@Justine.6351 said:

@Junkpile.7439 said:To be fair it's stupid even try to kill spellbreaker if you don't have at least 5 players or some other broken classes.

That probably has more to do with 4 out of 5 players not knowing what their buttons do.

What their opponents' buttons do is also quite impactful. Never fails, some doof comes along and pops full counter for his melee frens

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@Bigpapasmurf.5623 said:Points for using hammer...used to main hammer way back before it was ever meta. Loved it

As for outnumbering on SB....no different than a condi mirage. Winning outnumbered fights is gonna happen to no ones surprise so ya lost points for that

+1 overall as I do appreciate fellow content creators

Uh, hammer in zergfighting was always the best weapon, even way before hot release hammer was used by every warrior.Atleast on eu.

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