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Can't request to change my email address

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I've to change my email address.I've seen that I've to open a ticket for that : ok.Trying to open a ticket I face a serious issue with the verification that I'm a real human ("catpcha").Although I can testify I'm a human being, that captcha don't believe me.Although I'm sure my answer to numerous questions about cars, firehydrant, traffic light (is the back of a traffic light a real traffic light for the captcha ?), street sign (what hell is a street sign ? is an advertising in the street a street sign or are just street sign the signs with street names ?), and so on and so on ....After many attemps, I've finally gave up and request a new on and now that fuckin program of hell tell me that I'm ban ...

So, seriously guys, how can I contact the customer support for real ?

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