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Not receiving Proximity Test: Megadestroyer. Updated to received!


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Hello, thought I'd move this here since there's only one suggestion (which I already tried) in Players helping Players.

Hi everyone, I have three Proximity Tests left to complete HOPE III. I've used the Synergetic Generator three (separate) times on the Megadestroyer but haven't received the trophy. I've tried both by the chest and where it was defeated (as suggested by wiki). Anyone run in to the same problem or know what else I might try? Any suggestions will be appreciated.Edit: Just tried it a fourth time with a different character and still no trophy. :'(

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I managed to get a couple of screenshots today before the chest disappeared and one where MegaD died. I left the UI up so (even if you can't tell that I'm clicking), you can see that the cursor is hovering over the Synergetic Generator, HOPE III still says 90% and the time.
Pacific Time Zone.
Map - Mount Maelstrom? Stormbluff Isle? Not sure if this is the map that's being asked for.
Sketches of Winkle - Level 80 Human Reaper. Also tried with a level 80 Sylvari Ranger and a level 80 Human Holosmith.

mtu3b9Q.pngWhere MegaD died.



UtkILmT.pngAchievement Panel

Hope this helps.

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