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List of viable Revenant sPvp builds


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I'am big Revenant fan and also love gw2 sPvp. But one thing what was saddened me - 1 viable build, what is pretty good (specially if you play it well), but is situational. Power Shiro hard counter is mirage mesmer and others condi burst specs, and if you see in enemy team 2 mesmer/scourges/condi thief (lul) - game is hard. Your game impact very much depends on matchup. So.. I start experimenting with different builds after Herald rework, and found some middle tier and fun to play.

  1. Anti condi tank

New Facet of Nature bring to battlefield some nice and juicy things, what works up to 5 targets and have 600 radius. So.. this build is about it and work in sinergy with it.


"+++"High hp barGood sustain provided by - 2 blocks from Staff 3 and Shield 5, 2 healing skills (one for full hp if pressured)Good CC from Staff 5 and Glint EliteGood boon removal with low energy cost/no cd/900 range and fast cast time from Demon stance Banish EnchantmentGood damage from mace autoattacks and stacking tornment (no one will wanna fight you 1v1 for long time)Team support with condi cleanse and boon aplicationAnd most fun in this build - condition transferring by Pulsating Pestilence trait any time you swap legends (3 conditions 240 radius 5 targets) and Demon Stance Facet of Nature activation (3 conditions 600 radius 5 targets). Condition mirage what love to farm revenants will be very surprised ;DD


Low mobility. Except permanent swiftness this build dont have much abilities to travel fast from node to node.Weak against build, who can permanently clean condition (like elementalist).

  1. Shiro Renegade



Almost classic renegade build with one change - Shiro legendary stance, what brings this build good mobility with Phase Travelsal offensive, and Reposting Shadows defensive.Reposting Shadows cost 30 energy, breaks stun and remove movement-impairing conditions, what makes this skill nice tool to kite opponent, while you stacking condition on him.With Phase Travelsal and Frigid Blitz (axe 4) it is possible to chase target from 2100 range.


Good teamfighter with shortbow pearcing aoe skills.Can chase, can kite opponent. Good mobility900 range boon remove and confusion stacking without cooldownCan be good fighter 1v1 in melee with tornment stacking and defensives from retribution specialization bonusesPermanent 15 might stacks if using Heroic Command F2 off cdFUN A LOT :DDD


Very hard to play, if get pressured.

  1. Heal support/bunker

Last, but not least. My favorite build for ranked sPvp.



Extreme high healing support, with high sustain and good CC.


6k aoe healing every 2 seconds from Natural HarmonyGood condition cleanse with 5 second cd from Purifying Essence and Ventari Facet of Nature activationAoe knockdown from Natural Expulsion (mostly always let revive allie even under pressure)Very high sustain, even if pressured by 5 players - 2 blocks, 2 evades, healing while blocking, recover from Infuse Light, stability on dodge.Boon sharing from Glint Facet abilities.ALACRITY :DDDJust awesome. AWESOME

"---"Low mobility.Very hard to play it at max potential, because of tablet mechanic. Ventari healer should see all battlefield and manage energy at same time.As any support - depends on team.

Ventari healer, in my opinion,is one of the best supports for teamfight.If compare with others supports, this build lack stability sharing/protection sharing/insta revive signets, but in long fights against medium burst pressure like reapers/scourges/warriors - it best.

SHARE YOU OPINION IN COMMENTS. TYRevenant: MerquriallServ :Seaferest Rest

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