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Split second stuttering

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I have noticed that lately i am having this split second stutter whenever im having combat ingame. I mainly play pve and currently on my ranger. It seems to be happening much more frequently when i use a weapon like shortbow since im moving around quickly. It seems to happen a lot more when i use things like poison volley and the evasion skill. It's constant and very annoying. Anyone else having this microstutter? My fps is around 70-90 and ping around 90.

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Hello! This is a necro-post but that's exactly the issue I got today, September 2021.
Especially during desert combat, in PvE, using a Ranger. My FPS are good also in crowded situations so it's my ping.
I tryed updating/downgrading GPU drivers and repairing the GW2 client, playing with graphic settings, no effect.

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