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Haseo Lopez.6417

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3 things:

  1. this has already been suggested multiple times, the forum has a search feature use it
  2. there might be issues with redability, skins could make pets of the same type indistinguishable (like the moas)
  3. that'd require anet to put in rescources into skins that only 1 class could use.
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@Turkeyspit.3965 said:

@"derd.6413" said:
  1. that'd require anet to put in rescources into skins that only 1 class could use.

They would only have to develop 5 skins though. Outside of Bear, Smoke, Jac, Io and Gaz, the rest of the ranger lineup are just large mini-pets. :pensive:

or perhaps mini-pets are small ranger pets.

but in all seriousness that wouldn't change with pet skins

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Still voting for this and probably one of the first OPs of previous threads.Several different skins are already available just as minis and the argument of "distinguish what pet the ranger is using" is pretty futile when you consider that classes with outfits can only be distinguished by their skill usage or when you target them. A description under the Pet name tag would be enough.The archetype would be the most fitting, its short and descriptive what pet you play against.

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It's absolutely a fun idea. And it probably will never happen.

First, some pets already have alternative skins and they don't seem to get used much. Unfortunately, these are currently stored as different pets, so while the HoM pets are supposed to be identical, they have turned out to have minor and sometimes major differences from their non-HoM counterparts. So a skin wardrobe for pets would require an entirely new infrastructure... just for rangers.

Second, imagine the outcry of all the other profs wanting a wardrobe for their pet-analogs, including phantasms, conjured weapons, summoned elementals, minions, turrets. All of those things sound awesome, so that compounds the amount of work required.

Third, if ANet does something with pets, a lot of people would prefer to see different sorts of abilities. There are dozens of pets, but (outside of roleplaying), we tend to use just a few. Related to this: in competitive game play, identifying the pet is a key skill and this would unnecessarily complicate things for opponents.

And last (though probably least), this adds to ongoing maintenance costs when dealing with skill changes or animation culling. By itself, it's probably not a big deal. Coupled with everything else, it could be a straw enough to break a camel's back (not that we have camels in the game...yet).

tl;dr love the idea, probably impractical at best

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