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1v1/2v2 unranked/ranked game mode


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Soo, this topic again huh...

Now, with season 13 we got our duo quo back, but most people are still unhappy. I honestly was looking forward to this season, just to now not wanting to even play it since i only want to play it if i have a duo partner. Alot of people which i know mainly dont want to play PvP just because they dont want to be paired with randoms and get frustrated with them. This is also my reason why i dont realy enjoy pvp and constantly avoid it. What i (and prolly alot other people also) would realy like is a proper 1v1 or 2v2 unranked/ranked arena. Ofc there would be balancing issues but this is my take on it on how to "balance" it.

How would the gamemode work ?

  • It would be the best player out of 3/5 rounds.
  • Each round would last 3-4 minutes.
  • The player to win a round would have to down the enemy player, or capture the capture point (which would be in the middle of the map).
  • Each player could chose a "special skill" per round (more on that later).

How would maps look like ?

  • The map would be very small
  • There would be a capture point in the middle of it. Its size would be a bit smaller than the legacy mid point.
  • Map would have breakable objects (that respawn) so that people could hid behind them for cover, but not permanently. These objects would be off the capture point.
  • The starting points would be like forced "drop off". When round starts, both players are droped into the arena.

Balance (this will be good or bad for some specific classes, but necessary).

  • At the start of the round, a 5-10 second unremovable reveal would be given to all players. This would remove the insta kill chese from stealth at the start.
  • Down state would be dissabled since some classes are just waay stronger than other in ds. This would sadly also remove some specific class mechanics sadly, but it needs to be done. This is only applied to 1v1 though, in 2v2 there would still be downstate and no respawn upon death.
  • Players would possibly have increased hp, just to make one-shot less possible. More skillful play the better.
  • The cooldowns would not reset per round, to make players think when to use their elite, and not just spam rampage etc...
  • Special skills......

Special skillsOkay, now the interesting part.Before the start of every round, a player could chose a special skill. They would all have different cooldowns and different effects. The main reason for this is so that a player could counter a class in at least one way. These skills would mainly be for utility and counterplay. They would not bring extra dmg, mainly just survivability. These are some of my examples.

  • Applies a 5s Reveal to every player in the arena (30sec cd)
  • Applies a 5s Magnetic aura (30s cd)
  • Breaks stun and evades for 1s (20s cd)
  • Remove 3/5 conditions (30s cd)
  • Gain Boons for 5-10sec (30s cd)
  • Reduce healing effectivness on downed players by 50% (60s cd)

Well, thats it for now. Might get more stuff on my mind with time. This is something i realy wish could come as an actual pvp mode. Would get me and alot of other players back into pvp.

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