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Strong solo Mesmer build to help me get through HoT?


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@"kartana.3769" said:I just bought HoT after returning to the game. Haven't played in 2 years or so. I've heard that HoT is pretty rough so I am looking for a strong solo build that helps me to get through that content. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Do you have the Chronomancer elite specialisation unlocked? If so, I would consider something like this:https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Chronomancer_-_Sword/x_Phantasms

Plenty of damage (including AoE) and sustain in there - if you need more sustain, slot Inspiration at the cost of some DPS. I would still stick with Berserker stats though. No amount of toughness and vitality is going to help you stay alive against HoT mobs until you get in the swing of using your dodges, blocks, interrupts etc to avoid damage. Thankfully as a Mesmer you have more than you can shake a stick at, and lots of top up heals from your wells.

If you don't have Chrono unlocked yet - it's been such a long time since I've played core Mesmer - but here is a starter for ten:https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Mesmer_-_Greatsword_Burst

The best way is to have a play around with what works for you. Unlike the Chrono build this isn't as good and loses some of the blocks and associated effects you get from the wells, but if you need extra sustain look at more defensive traits or slot in the Inspiration line. Start with Beserker stats and play around with your traits until you get the mix of damage and sustain that works just right for you. When you get Chronomancer fully unlocked, go for that instead. It's a straight upgrade!

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@"kartana.3769" said:Thanks. I don't have Chrono unlocked yet. How long does this usually take? I assume I won't have it unlocked fully even after finishing HoT?

To fully unlock the entire specialisation trait line takes long enough to gather 250 hero points. HoT (and PoF) hero challenges give +10 points each, and of course any hero points you have left over from any "Central Tyria" map exploration you've done will count.

So how long does it take to gather 250 points? If you can follow the "HP trains" (found in the LFG interface), not that long, actually. They take a tour round the HoT maps specifically to visit the HP challenges and they provide a big gang of fellow players who'll help put a big Smack Down on the foes. It helps a lot to have unlocked the Gliding mastery at least. (As in, some points are really hard to reach without at least Basic Gliding, or as a minimal substitute, a healthy supply of Teleport To Friend objects.)

To start it takes 30 points, but if you equip the specialisation (trait line slot 3) in that state, your Chrono-ness will be painfully weak until you've mostly unlocked it. (PoF elite specs get all the middle-path traits before unlocking any top or bottom traits, while HoT elites unlock all the first column then all the second then all the third, so there's no third-column traits until you're almost done. If you want to use third-column bottom, you have to suck it up and work your way through nearly all of them for both types.)

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