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[Suggestion] Stacking Sigils adjust


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There's already a post about passive Sigil of Bloodlust occupying an active sigil place on classes without weapon swap. But this thread is not quite about it.

Let's say you're playing thief, you can have Bloodlust in your Shortbow and use D/D as the 2nd weapon set. If the situation needs it, you can simply swap both Daggers for Staff or any other weapon and still keep all Bloodlust stacks, because your Shortbow was untouched. Classes like ele or engi doesn't have this privilege, if you want to swap weapons, you need to stack Bloodlust all over again (there's of course a little exception for 1H weapons, but it's far too small).

So, my suggestion is to make Stacks not being removed, if you swap one weapon with stacking sigil, for another one with same stacking sigil. I don't think it would be game-breaking in any way, just time saving and making things more comfortable.

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