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Been away from Gw2 (WvW) for 1.5 year, whats new?


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Depending on what you consider a year and a half:

*Ascended armor - that can be made legendary

*Legendary backpack

*Talk to skirmish supervisor for those 2 things and other stuffs.

Other notable changes:

New reward tracks

Skirmish chests drop POF tokens instead of Hot tokens now, pof tokens can be exchanged for Hot tokens if you need any of the Hot stuff.

Crafting stations gone - but Bank access at spawn is available, banker is across from BLTP guy

3 Guest servers overtook 3 Hosts in the last 3 months on NA - not sure about EU politics

Eotm gvg/fight arena

New and improved specs that have since been nerfed or modified slightly

Changes to food and utility wrenches

Gliding, but no mounts yet

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@Justine.6351 said:

@Victory.2879 said:Summary: nothing much. Less players, less comms, promise of jam tomorrow. If you don't have the last expansion you're stuffed, Point of Failure brought in even more broken mechanics.

Herald is HoTChrono is HoT

Scrapper, druid, reaper, dragonhunter and daredevil too. All see various use in zerging or roaming. Pretty much the only one not seen is the berserker - vanilla warriors are more common than that.

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Still the game mode that has common asked for solutions that are not done.However the improvement is that they are doing absolutely nothing as opposed to making changes that nobody wanted. (See revert of desert maps...and no more pve story in wvw.)So....New classes OP like back in HOT.Suggest just playing free version for a bit. You'll see all this for yourself.

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