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BUG : cannot craft 28/32 slot Nomads locker


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Hi.I already crafted nearly all the 32 slot different types.But there is a bug : The 24 slot' Nomads Locker is not considered as a crafting material, and don't appear in the Discovery pannel from Armosmith. So you cannot create a 28/32 slot bag where armor & weapons go in priority. I guess it's a bug.

Second (possible ?) bug : I crafted a 32 Slot Marshal's Saddlebag. This bag (its written in description) is BOTH an EQUIPEMENT bag & an INVISIBLE bag. Is it a bug or intented ? Crafted it but cannot sell/recycle equipment I got because also invisible... Just waisted 400 gold. :( Not sure if its a bug or intented.Anyway 1st one is probably a bug.Please, anet, fix it :)

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