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Please look into invisible fractal bosses

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I run CMs+T4s daily. Lately other members of my party and myself, have been running into invisible bosses.

CM100 Arkk seems to be especially bad, but it's happened on other bosses too, such as Mai Trin. Occasionally, the boss will go invisible for some party members (if not all), making it frustrating to killing the boss, depending what fractal you're in. Arkk isn't bad since he doesn't more at all, but bosses like Mai Trin make it frustrating for a melee DPS like myself, and we don't know what causes it. Sometimes a wipe or a /gg will fix it, but it seems real inconsistent as to why it when it happens. My friend who runs an i7-8700k + GTX 1080ti runs into this issue as well. Some others I've done runs with that have lower end systems sporadically have this issue.

I run on a high-end gaming laptop:

i7-7700HQ16 GB DDR4 @ 2400 MHzGTX 1070

Can you find out what causes This? I'm sure my friend and I aren't the only ones here.

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I experienced the same in the Deepstone Fractal yesterday. The boss was invisble, so were the NPCs for the whole Fractal.

Also, at the boss fight the adds were invisible as well - but interestingly enough, the enemy name plates showed up sometimes, apparently depending on camera angle... O_o

I'm all for challenge, but being able to see and target what you are fighting would be nice.

Generally, there is some strange culling behavior going on lately even outside of Fractals. I've not changed anything about my settings - it seems to be the way mobs and NPCs are being culled that's changed at some point during the past months.

EDIT - System Specs:i7-6700K16GB DDR4GTX 1080 Ti (driver version 399.07)GW2 located on SSDWindows 10 Pro 64 bit Build 17134

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From the recent Reddit thread:

Those of you who see this frequently could your PM me your system specs? I am unable to reproduce this in house but every bit of detail can help me figure it out. If only certain bosses have it, perhaps it is something they have in common.

All of the newer bosses are flagged as “no cull” which should make them never drop visibility. However, if you guys are only ever seeing this on new bosses, maybe something is going wrong there.

Newer bosses also have a lot more things going on than old bosses so it could be some kind of asset loading failure due to loading too many at once.

I may try making a test map with that assumption that has tons of models loading at once on a slow HDD but if it is hardware specific I may still be unable to reproduce it.

Also I have had reports of this happening in raids as well. Let me know if you can corroborate this, or if you have seen it on specific open world bosses as well.

Edit: When is the earliest you have seen this consistently start occuring for arkk?

Do you remember when the earliest this was happening is? I'm trying to nail down a window to examine changelists.

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Hello.It happends to me with Arkk CM. Some tries the boss is ok, some tries is invisible, sometimes in the same try it turns invisible.The "white ray of fear" is not just infront of my pc. I means, if I turn to one side or to another I see the ray through the floor and pointing me form any direction I turn.I started with 100 CM this tuesday 4 and, after 4 days of 100CM without problems, it started to happend (to me), this friday 7.

Arkk CM.09/07/18.Rizen 7 170016 GB DDR4GTX1070.

Hope that helps.Have fun and good luck.

P. D. Running 100 CM with static, a couple of friends reports its too. One of them is having it often as me.i7-3770k16 GB DDR4AMD RADEON HD7800

Another friend from my static:FX635016 GB DDR4AMD RADEON RX460He just had this problem one time (09/09/18).

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