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LF Chrono to help run PoF HP Trains w/ me


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I'm Vix and I run HP Trains for all the PoF maps. I typically try to run these every day at around the same time. I usually start at 4 or 5pm server time. (I am three hours behind and 1pm for me is the earliest I can be expected to be on)

All I am asking for is two or three Chronomancers that would be willing to swap days between them and help me run my trains efficiently. All I require from you is Well of Recall, Portal Entre and Mimic. If you are able to create three ports using Continuum Split, I consider that a bonus, but it's not a must. If you are interested in learning how to do that, I would be willing to teach you. It's pretty simple, just a matter of practicing it a couple times. If you have a shield with you, to me that means extra Alacrity. So that's another bonus, but not mandatory. I tend to forget to bring mine, and when I do bring it, I forget to use it. XD

If you are interested in running a well organized and friendly HP Train through all PoF maps with me, please comment down below and we can start a conversation. We would talk this through in more details over on Discord though, so please have a Discord account for convenience sake. It's not completely necessary, but I would also prefer it if you are able to use voice chat. This makes it much easier to communicate while still managing a herd of cats.

I look forward to speaking with you about this great opportunity,


PS.: Feel free to message me in GW2 as well!(Discord: VixNeko#2342)HP Train Discord server: https://discord.gg/AfcQnc

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Not running a train today, but still hoping someone will be interested soon. I have added the link to my server in the original post. If anything, come talk to us there! =) I intend to use this server to communicate with all those players who have said to me that they have multiple characters in need of HPs.

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