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Bounty: Xedra -- rethink this one please

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Xedra the Branded Hydra spawns too near other major spawns in the oasis. In combination with the ley death field thing, and a metric butt tonne of adds from other random mobs, I'd like someone at ANET to rethink this a bit. Remove the ley field thing or reduce the size of the circle that effects players at least. A hydra is already a challenge, but now we have a branded one mixed with another random champ branded hydra in the same area + the ley field of death thing, plus plus adds from hell just because of where it primarily spawns.

Please rethink this one so it doesn't have so many adds because of its location. Four separate groups I've been in so far failed this because of constant death and timer.

As yes, those damn stupid timers . . ... Rrrrrr

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