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[Suggestion] Additions to the Chest of Black Lion Goods


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Can we get the following items as possible drops for the Chest of Black Lion Goods?

  • Teleport to Friend
  • Upgrade Extractor (single use)
  • Metabolic Primer
  • Utility Primer

All items listed have similar values of other items currently on the Chest of Black Lion Goods. Teleport To Friend can't be bought directly on the gem store, but costs 5 statuettes, which is the same cost for Upgrade Extractor, which is 250 gems for 1. So safe to say Teleport to Friend would be the same price in this case. In terms of adding too expensive items, keep in mind Black Lion Salvage Kit was priced at 300 gems per kit before being removed from the Gem Store and those are a possible drop (they drop quite frequently as well). Both Primers are 150 gems each, so that should be well within reason.

I understand that the more expensive items would be more rare to drop, but as long as it's a possibility is good enough for me.

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I'd prefer a way to swap black lion consumables we can get randomly (from any source) for other similar consumables, not necessarily at a 1:1 rate.

I have never used an upgrade extractor and probably never will, but I have 5 of them. I very occasionally use Teleport to Friends but I have something like 98 of them. I think I've used 1 Metabolic Primer and never had a Utility Primer but never wanted one either. So getting any of those from the Chest of Black Lion Goods would be annoying, because it'd just be another thing to either delete or keep unused in the bank. If I could I'd trade all my Upgrade Extractors, Metabolic Primers and a lot of my Teleports for Revive Orbs and maybe Bank Access Express, which I do use. But as your post shows other people have different priorities.

IMO a great fix would be to add an NPC (or add it to one of the existing Black Lion merchants) who lets us swap these items for other consumables. If one is considered more rare or more expensive it could cost more items - for example 2 Upgrade Extractors for a Black Lion Salvage Kit.

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