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Can we have an update to in game mail system

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Can we please have an update to the in game mail system, where we can set it that we can only receive mail from friends/guild members, or at least give us the ability to set it that we cannot receive items in the mail from other players ( other than Anet )

Today i was randomly crafting and i got a mail from someone i didn't know with gold attached to it, as i didn't know the person i just used the return to sender option, of course its likely someone mis clicking someones character in game, but it got me thinking about this topic on Reddit


For those who don't read it, the player basically says that someone went to a 3rd party site and sent them gold, and they got banned for it, granted that person may not have given all the facts in that story, but Anet did not reply to the topic, but part way down the topic someone quoted a dev from 3 years ago that basically stated that whether you receive it or not, and whether you know the person or not you can still be banned, to which someone asked that dev if they set up an account bought gold and sent it to random players they could be banned, the dev did not reply to the topic again,

For me and i'm sure many others who play this game honestly, its concerning now that someone could either send you something by mistake, or someone could have something sent to you intentionally just to have you banned, you could even be offline when this happens, i've played this game since beta on GW1, and beta GW2 combined its 13+ years now, which i'm sure others have, and it could all be ripped away by someone else,

So please give us the ability to not receive in game mail from players we don't know, to at least add another level of protection to our accounts.

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