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Ranger - Spike Trap skill CD


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Dear ArenaNet, and Players

I use my condition build on my ranger in last "few months", I play usually in pvp, but I like wvw too,I created a set (armor weapon jewel) to wvw but now when is look stats in almost full wvw set I see my Spike Trap skill has 45 sec cd on wvw map, 45 sec pve map, and 30 sec on pvp mapall other weapon utility elite skills have same cd (what I use) in wvw pvp, only this one differentwhen I read new patchnotes usually see skills have similar cd/dmg changes in pvp wvw, and different in pveidk why changed Spike Trap "February 22, 2017 The recharge of this skill has been reduced from 45 seconds to 30 seconds in PvP only. " but it was a good decision, or test, I hope one and half year was enough for look resultsI think pvp cd is goodpvp is 1v1 to 1v5 and beast or lord, wvw a full camp and 1v1 or 1v5 or 1v100, so...I whould like same 30 sec cd in wvw, and in pve too

Im waiting for your answer.I got answer from ArenaNet, I have to write here for Players answer.Pls write, what do u think about SpikeTrap skill CD.Ty.

Sry for my english.

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I hope players will try my build, like it and write commentidk ArenaNet why dont write, maybe Im the on who use this build, and only for me dont wanna change 1 skill CD, it is too much work for a playerwithout change I cant do more than I play in pvp, now there is season, and hope when end wvw and pve CD will changepvp lvl 196, games played 3352, unranked 808, ranked 2538, top stat 4190, games with: necro 670, mesmer 813, ranger 1126wvw lvl 177 only...

if u like condi builds or/and ranger try it, and write for spike trap skill CD in wvw, pvegl :)

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