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Testing out D/F in spvp right now to see what it would be like in small scale to learn


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Trying to farm gear because i'm genuinely curious but not finding minstrels now.

What i'm noticing is im not having a lot of ccs.I like flash freeze because it reduces incoming damage to all team members by 10% and chills enemies

not very good when you got a bunch of necros with insta dmg on you.In fact:cc is a issue to keep yourself alive.You got defensives but not very good offensive ccs.

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It has some serious issues.Its really easy to just bombard the tempest and blow him up

sometimes i can't even land a heal if i'm playing vs a really good player, and if they are terrible i'l end up healing.

I feel like staying alive and healing can be real tough because of ccs.i'm trying to cc but not much options besides freeze and lightning.

I don't know what it needs but it could use something.

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