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Question about volatile magic, and Sun's Refuge..


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LS3 gave us Unbound Magic that can be used to purchase ascended trinkets. Will Volatile magic be used in similar way at all? I am tired waiting for the Unbound Magic gathering tools to go on sale, instead the one that always popped up is Volatile magic version. If VM can be used for ascended trinkets and stuff, I am getting the VM gathering today.

I'm kinda surprised that people havent mentioned yet that Sun's Refuge is very similar to Guild Wars 1's Sunspear Sanctuary. Inside a cavern and all. The screenshot even reminded me a lot of it. I know that SS in GW2 is already established that it exist, but this one looks very very similar. Just an idea, or maybe old abandoned SS from GW1? :o

Anyway, thanks for reading

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No one knows but Arenanet.

From a design standpoint (and to a certain extent business) it makes no sense to have 2 currencies do the same thing. Arenanet wants to get people to play all the content they create, thus giving Volatile Magic a different use would make more sense.

That said, Volatile Magic can already be used to acquire some ascended trinkets:

Chances are high that future maps will continue this availability. Notice how Volatile Magic is seldom the limiting factor here. The acquisition of LW4 map resources is. This is probably also attributed to LWS3E3 and Winterberries which allow for more gathering per day versus all other living world map resources (and thus easier/faster access to rings, accessories and backpiece).

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