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@Anet - can you fix rams please


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There is a green AOE ring that appears beneath the ram before you place it. The ring indicates it's reach.

Although I agree that rams can be placed in some ridiculous locations, they're never breaking the range of their AOE. This means that they could be reaching a lot more ridiculous ranges if it weren't for that limitation. And anyway, it's not like AC's or any siege besides Ballistas will kill rams or scare players off of them if they have a zerg to heal them so, goofy placement only reduces the chances of being hit with disablers.

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Dear Anet Staffs , Sept 16th @ 3:30 PM PSTA Few Players in WvW (DB/SBI Server ) , build Treb x 30+all over the field , outside keep , all around the keep , all around Towerswe had ask them to stop , we were cuss at ,
they wasted all Supplies @ Keep , All Towers and camps ,
and they have been doing this for days ,1 players told us , they will not be banbecause they got 2 anet in their guild
those players might be using Free to play acctonce they were done , they log outand we get attack by other serverwhat are the odd of that ? SPY ?if that is the way how they win in wvw ,no wonder WVW die outppl are sick of them TrollHOPE Anet put a STOP to itThank YouBTW , Screen Shots are Taken & This Max Out Our Sieges LimitsWE CAN NOT THROW ANYMORE SIEGES OUTTHEY ARE DOING IT @ EBG & BL in WvWNOW NO ONE can Throw out any sieges , we cant take anythingwe cant take back ANYTHINGThey Kept Refreshing The Troll Sieges

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