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Which class would you like to be reworked next?


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As the title says, which class would you like to get a rework next?Guardians got some pretty nice staff skill reworks and i hope they will continue to do skill reworks for other classes too.Since i mostly play PVE and sometimes WvW i think thief should get his shortbow reworked, especially his second skill Cluster Bomb, they should remove the (detonation part) of the skill so you're able to tag mobs faster and in more places.The second skill, this time from Dual daggers should be Death Blossom, that skill is cool looking but is somewhat useless (small aoe, max 3 targets) and should be replaced with something that should make dual daggers viable in pve (especially tagging more mobs).I was thinking a whirlwind skill like the Thief's Dagger storm but only melee, and to be honest it would look sick with dual Incinerator's.With more aoe's this should allow Thiefs to be more viable in wvw, especially since there are 3 classes that are "meta" in WvW atm, and those are Scourge, Firebrand and Spellbreaker, and i find that just unfair.These are the changes i'd like for the developers to make, but this is from a PVE player's point of view, what do PVPers think about this?I also wish they made some changes to ranger's Longbow/axe and Necromancer's scepter skills, especially ranger, not having Ranger in a WvW meta is kinda unthinkable to me..

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@GDchiaScrub.3241 said:

@Torzini.1523 said:Scrapper. The spec that might as well not exist in the game at this point.

I don't think it's a thing in PvE (and probably spvp) but heal/superspeed scrapper does what it sets out to do in WvW.

D:Sure people found a use for it, but a more unifying vision for the Scrapper e-spec would be beneficial.

  1. Scrapper.
  2. Renegade.
  3. Chronomancer. (For those raiders complaining about Chrono meta.)
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Holosmith made Scrapper obsolete, the same goes with other Specs.The whole elite spec system backfired on them (or better said, backfired on us players), and it made the game just more unbalanced and harder to balance, That whole system should be changed.Locking the new weapons behind a spec wall is a huge mistake on their part, and it should be removed, making every elite spec weapon usable immediately after reaching lvl 80, but that's just me talking unrealistically because of the extra skills, f1, f2 , f3.. etc.The only way to fix that is to make a fourth tier Trait that lets you choose which specs (f1-f2 etc) you want to use..I still can't believe they went back to rework Herald spec, but that leaves us with hope that they may do the same with Scrapper and other HoT expansion specs.

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Ranger!, I just really would like to play my ranger wielding a badass longbow and not see all the other bow-wielding classes getting all the cool new skills.Maybe a Bowmaster elite spec which wields a greatbow with skills you can customise (swap in and out)((or 2 new bowtypes only bowmasters can wield so you get 10 new skills)) and also extra bowskills in the utility slots + elite slot.I wanna pew pew pew :(

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@Odinius.9826 said:Ranger!, I just really would like to play my ranger wielding a kitten longbow and not see all the other bow-wielding classes getting all the cool new skills.Maybe a Bowmaster elite spec which wields a greatbow with skills you can customise (swap in and out)((or 2 new bowtypes only bowmasters can wield so you get 10 new skills)) and also extra bowskills in the utility slots + elite slot.I wanna pew pew pew :(

Errr... you can. LB is a perfectly viable weapon weapon for Rangers. The only times it is not ideal is when all ranged weapons are in a similar position - that's down to the game's mechanics, not Ranger being shafted.

Other bow-wielding classes 'getting all the cool new skills'? Please elaborate because Ranger LB has been in a pretty solid state for a long time now. DH LB is a wet noodle, Thief SB is a for mobility/utility, Renegade SB is niche option but okay. The only other class to use a bow as well as Ranger is Warrior.

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My idea for better elite specialisations:


  • Wild blow is unblockable


  • Full counter with 2 seconds cast time
  • Dagger 4 should deal cripple to foes not using skills
  • Dagger 5 should deal more damage
  • Sight beyond sight with additional "Next attack can't be blocked"
  • Imminent threat with 25 seconds recharge
  • No Escape change to Inner Peace:meditation skills heal and recharge 20 % faster
  • Attacker's Insight additional:Full Counter additional gives you 10 adrenaline after success
  • Enchantment Collaps additional:Use Break Enchantments if you hit critical (15 seconds recharge)


  • Puncture Shot deal cripple everytime not only if he hits a second target
  • Symbol of energy should have a greater radius, higher damage and give vigor every second for 6 seconds
  • Lights judgement should give relitation instead of swiftness on trap trigger
  • Piercing light do that traps deal vulnerability instead of slow
  • Hunters Fortification: Blocking an attack gives protection and removes a condition


  • Symbol of Vengeance grant quickness for 2 seconds on impact but lesser damage and no cripple
  • Blazing edge deals cripple for 6 seconds
  • Azure Sun don't grant Swiftness and reveal foes
  • Weighty terms inflict immobilize for 2,5 seconds
  • Quickfire should give 5 stacks of might for 8 seconds additionally


  • Hardening Persistance: - 2% incoming damage for each point of upkeep
  • Shield 4 with 50 % stronger heal and protection for 3 seconds


  • Razorclaws Rage buff should grant longer bleedings
  • Citadel Bombardment at F3, 30 seconds recharge and stronger damage and burn
  • Orders from above at F2


  • Finishing blow should deal 150% more damage
  • Switch trait position of havoc mastery and driven fortitude
  • Switch trait position of driven fortitude and weakening strikes
  • Havoc mastery:Next attack deal daze and extra damage after completing a dodge roll while in combat
  • Weakening strikes:Cause weakness to enemys you interrupt. Weakening a foe inflict slow (2 seconds).


  • Shadow flare should deal blind with every pulse


  • Celestial avatar should have a 50 % lower cost of astral force while activated
  • New recharge times for celestial skills:Seed of life: 3 secondsLunar impact: 10 secondsRejuvenatung tides: 15 secondsNatural convergence: 15 seconds
  • Cosmic ray should have a radius of 240
  • Seed of life should have the blind effect in it's description
  • Rejuvenatung tides should give regeneration per pulse
  • Astral wisp should give protection to your pet for 3 seconds
  • Ancestral grace should't give protection to your pet anymore
  • Vine surge should immobilize for 2 seconds and cripple for 6 seconds
  • All glyphes should have a recharge of 20 seconds and a radius of 450
  • Cultivated synergy should heal 2000 lifepoints
  • Lingering light should have a new effect:Blind foes around you (450 radius) when you enter celestial avatar form. Cosmic ray grant regeneration for 3 seconds.


  • Griffon stance grant superspeed instead of might when you evade attacks and is 10 seconds active
  • Vulture stance is 8 seconds active
  • Live fast change to efficient connection:Entering beast mode grants you quickness for 3 seconds and swiftness for 6 seconds
  • Unstoppable union with new effect:Entering beast mode breaks stun. Using a beast ability causes your attacks to be temporarily unblockable (4 seconds).
  • Furious strengh and Twice as vicious switch trait position
  • Twice as vicious with new effect:Gain fury and inflict fear to near foes when you enter beast mode.
  • Furious strengh causes 10 % more damage and condition damage when you have fury
  • Oppressive Superiority additional:Gain vitality based on your power.


  • Expert Examination and Impact Servant change trait positions
  • Expert Servant:Gain Might when you disable a foe. Function gyro grants shocking aura and barrier to you if you are disabled (60 seconds recharge)


  • Refraction cutter should deal bleeding for 6 seconds with each blade and have a recharge of 5 seconds


  • Delayed reaction additional causes that tides of time chill foes for 3 seconds


  • Nomads Endurance should increase expertise by 150 instead of condition damage
  • Mirage mirrors inflict bleeding instead of weakness


  • Water Globe should clean a condition per second
  • Rebound should grant protection when activated
  • Harmonious Conduit should only grant stability and regeneration when beginning an overload
  • Invigorating torrents now additional grants 20 % faster recharge for shouts
  • Tempestuous aria change to Fast storms:Gain might when you gain swiftness or superspeed


  • Activating an attunement will only set the cooldown to the other 3 attunements
  • Unravel change to heat exchanger:Hitting enemys deal chill and gives you vigor


  • Decimate Defenses changed to appearance of horror: Entering reapers shroud inflict fear to enemys around you.
  • Reapers Onslaught shouldn't give 300 ferocity
  • Reaper skills should deal 10 % more damage to foes


  • Notes about shroud skill number should be at shade skill descriptions
  • Switch nefarious favor to F3, converting 2 conditions and recharge of 10 seconds
  • Switch Sand cascades to F2 with a recharge of 5 seconds
  • Harrowing wave should remove 1 boon from each enemy struck instead of gaining life force
  • Oppressive Collaps should give 10 % life force
  • Serpent Siphon deal more poison, grant regeneration to you for each foe strucked and grant no barrier anymore
  • Dessicate has a 15 seconds recharge
  • Dessicate description:"Draw vital energy of the land around you and gain life force. ..."
  • Sand swell has a 30 seconds recharge
  • Demonic lore without torment inflict increased damage
  • Feed from corruption with heal when removing or corrupting a boon
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