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Need help getting wrecked as D/p thief PVP


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I tried D/p power, but i feel like its really even less viable now than it was months ago.

Is it me? or is it really hard to land a hit without being range cced and blown up instantly?

I'm using a condi thief build

Deadly Art:Dagger training/Panic strike/Deadly poisonTrickery:lesser haste/pressure strike/Bewildering ambushShadow arts:Shadows embrace/leeching venom/cloaked in shadow.

Is that any good for a condi D/P thief for pvp? the aim is to try and stealthf or longer and jump in immediately steal hit them a few times leave watch them die

So what i am starting to do is this:Sneak around hide behind a wall where a encounter is, and when someone least expects it steal from them jump them and start slashing them like a madman with poisons included.

Does this work better or worse with S/D?

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can D/D work in spvp? has anyone managed to make it successfull? also i changed to power because i did a ranked and lost but got a few surprise ganks along with a lot of deaths by holosmith.A fellow rogue saw me and said:your going condi? and i said:yeah i'm a gank build made to stealth hide jump and attack then run.

The power isn't wokring that great, maybe its me but is S/D better as power? also i heard S/D isn't as good as D/P now.

I changed to:

Deadly arts:2/3/2 for power dmg from mugging and power etcAcrobatics:3/3/1 for healing and getting rid of condisDaredevil:2/3/2 for dmg pulmonary impact and escape.

or dd only best in pve?

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The rare condi D/P works by adding a lot of poison and cover condi through traps and sometimes lotus.

That said, it’s not a condi weapon so you won’t get the same results as D/D, S/D or P/D.

The first can evade, the latter can kite. D/P comparatively suffers defensively with some blind and combo stealth and little condi to make up the difference.

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Do you perhaps don't have access to HoT?

Despite the nerfs, DareDevil S/D Condi works just fine on lower skill brackets and unranked.

For D/P power. just follow the guideline to never 1x1 unless you are clearly against a player lower skilled than you. You can +1 against it later, shich is where D/P thief is good at.If your burst keep getting interrupted for what ever reason, you can use the "Backstab + Steal" Combination for instant damage instead of "Hearthseek + steal" followed by BS as the second gives more reaction time to the opponent.

The DPS from D/P comes from Auto Attack, the Backstab is just a entrance damage, you will rarelly be killing anyone with it.Use Shadow Shoot to keep pressure on players running away and headshoot when you need to interupt anything while steal is on cooldown.

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