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Something you may not know if you're new to PoF and want WP access.


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If you want to get the necessary WPs quickly and easily, the best thing is to teleport to friend in Vabbi (preferably where the griffons are, or near a desired WP). Just by porting to the map, it will unlock the WP at the map's entrance, so you can immediately port there, go through the portal to the adjacent map, and pick up a WP there. You'll find that this map's entry WP is also now unlocked, and so on. You can get 2 WPs per region in a few minutes with almost no risk of encountering opposition (i.e., you can do it at any level).

I mention this because a lot of people seem to request a teleport to just the first WP in Crystal Oasis, which is fine if you're looking to explore the area 'in order'. But if you want lots of access quickly, my way is better. Of course you must own the PoF expansion and have a 'teleport to friend' item available.

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@"Kaltyn of Torbins Deep.2946" said:This also works if you exit the guild hall in Vabbi. That is generally how I get all of my toons into the desert - visit the GH for one of my guilds that has taken the PoF one.

Thats actually a stroke of genius that never crossed my mind.

I always, always, always keep repeating the first PoF story mission to unlock the WP of Crystal Oasis.Thats a lot of wated times, even more comparing to HoT that you can just walk there.

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