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Will guild ranking ever come back?


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  • 3 months later...

GvG and Alliance Battles (and also holding territories in Kurzick&Luxon areas) was the main reason I made my own guild back in GW1. These modes were very healthy for the state of whole PVP, because outside of ranked matches people would go and do some regular PvP just to hone their skills in preparation for the real fights (GvG). I really miss these features, especially owning towns by the best alliances which should be the thing here as well.

ArenaNet, I beg you, please add GvG here as well and let top 20-30 guilds own in-game territories, so that participants have a good reason to fight for. Afterall this is Guild Wars and the original story tells about guilds so powerful that become kingdoms. Let the players follow their steps :)

To me this is the only content worth calling “end-game”.

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