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Hello, there I'm on here to ask for an opinion on what I have for Specializations and what type of gear I should look for. This is my most favorite class for the kits skills. So I made my Specs around them going with Explosives for raw damages and Firearms for condition damages. I also went with Alchemy for healing, I don't even mind healing my fellows in fights with the med kit as it seems to do the most healing even for just me. If you could please tell me what gear type and Sigil I should look for and if there are any talents or skills I should switch for better ones let me know.http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?vdAQJAqalsThSsYtWwdLQ7FLvF13DOhBgYK+EtI4G+hpFA

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Hello there! :)According to your link, I assume you are running a condi build?

Here some very very Basic stuff:If you have the game Expansion PoF then go for Holosmith -> Power Damage or as a Healer/SupporterIf you only have the core game, you can either go for condi damage as you do currently or you can go for power damage with rifle.If you have the game Expansion HoT you can choose to go for Scrapper if you like it -> Power Damage in PvE, or as a Healer/Supporter

Are you looking for PvE , PvP or WvW builds? Because in each of those Areas there are different aspects to consider.

generally: Power damage -> Berserker/Marauder Equipment, add in some Soldier or similar Equipments for more survivabilitygenerally Condition damage -> Viper/Sinister do the most damage. If you want more survivability, mix in any Condition/Toughness/Vita mix into itgenerally supporter/healer -> Go for healing Power and for Concentration as your main Support will be med kit (scales nicely with healing power) and boon sharing, such as Protection, Regen, Quickness, Vigor

Concerning runes and Sigil, this depends on what you want to Play....

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