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Revenant god tips for free


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Title is just joke. I am average revenant player in gold3-plat1 devisions, and tips will be for same devision player (plat2+ already know everything).Pvp section at forum is very negative right now, I will try to make it educational tooPlaying almost only revenant and wanna share some tips for those who are at the beginning of the journey, and losing 90% games ;DThese tips would help me at the beginning of my journeyI looked through all possible guides on youtube and want to add 10 tips


  1. Revenant main role is roaming damage dealer, so you should avoid 1v1 fights without reason (sometimes it is hard, just because dueling is always attractive), BUT revenant can be much more useful if always in motion. Just ignore opponent and move to team. Build have enough mobility to avoid any fight
  2. Keep burst. Against good opponent opening with burst almost always is waste, because revenant dont CC and enemy can just dodge it. Pressure opponent with autoattacks, sword 2, bait dodges/blocks and land burst only when foe dont have defensive abilities.
  3. Manage legend swap cd. I will suggest join fight only if legend swap is on less then 5 sec cd. Main new revenant mistake is swap to Shiro -> using Phase Travelsal on enemy and then be in situation, when you dont have energy for skilluse and cant swap legend for 7 more seconds. Revenant should predict situation 10 seconds ahead to be succesfull.
  4. Manage your conditions. Weakness make you sick and cut damage for about 70%. If you cant clean weakness condition - save burst.
  5. Main opener weapon is Staff, not sword. Staff have good autoattack, strong CC and blocks to avoid main opponent damage spells. Swap to sword to land burst. You standart combo should look like -> Phase Travelsal -> Staff 5 knockback -> Swap to Glint -> Pressuring opponent and baiting blocks/dodges -> swap to sword and land burst.
  6. Dont over extend. Revenant can survive for long time even in 3v1 fights while have glint heal/blocks/dodges/riposting shadows/staff 5 evade, but after in 98% will lose fight. Access situation and escape before pressuring.
  7. Ask teammates to CALL TARGET. Phase Travelsal have unique ability go through walls, so you can reach opponent what you cant see and target yourself.
  8. Avoid condition mirage mesmers in duels. One of revenant weaknesses is negative conditions, firstly - confussion. Mirage mesmer have too much defensive abilities and confussion applying spells, so in most situations revenant will kill himself just using skills, before burst mesmer. Very bad matchup.
  9. Revenant is good teamfighter, with massive CC from Staff 5, glint ultimate, sword 4 aoe damage burst and autoattacks cleave pressuring. Even successfull Jade Wings can change a lot, team boon buff.
  10. Use Impossible Ods. If you travel from node to node and dont have swiftness buff - use Impossible Ods to have superspeed buff and access to Phase Travelsal jump + legendary swap.

In most game revenant dont have top stats, but game impact is huge, if play it right.https://ibb.co/k0nSkUhttps://ibb.co/kC41C9

Good luck and hope I will help someone.Merquriall

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